The ethical challenges of generative AI 

In late 2022, then director of artificial intelligence at Tesla, Andrej Karpathy, shared on Twitter that 80% of his code was written by AI, adding: “I don’t even really code, I prompt and edit”. Artificial intelligence that can generate data (generative AI) promises to revolutionize the world of work, and yet this new technology comes […]

Board and leadership advisory

Start at the top.

Ethical acumen

Reliable, ethical decision-making across your organization. Acting in line with your values, even under pressure.

Ethical culture development

Ethical culture should be the golden thread in the fabric of your organization.


What the FTX collapse teaches us about ethics

Wessel Reijers and Christine Jakobson argue that in the wake of the collapse of the crypto exchange FTX, amid accusations of ethics washing, there should be more focus on ethics, not less.

How do we build responsible foundations?

We worked with Google to identify the drivers, barriers and incentives to responsible innovation in the start-up and SME innovation ecosystem.

Pioneering technology, responsibly

We helped define ethical guiding principles for use of technology at Salesforce. Applying these to live business decisions helped establish an ethical framework for future decisions.