Principia Advisory

Building ethical organizations.

Principia is the leading advisory firm on organizational ethics.

We help forward-thinking organizations resolve their most challenging ethics problems to create legacy-level change.

The value of organizational ethics

Organizational ethics means the ability to behave in a consistently responsible way for all your stakeholders. It involves aligning your culture, values, systems, and decision making. Organizational ethics is the essence of your reputation, and the basis of your license to operate. It is the foundation of your long-term success.

Our team

Our team brings together some of the world’s most renowned thinkers operating at the cutting-edge of research with experienced experts in strategy, organisational design and ethical culture. Through combining academic insight with hands-on experience, we help our clients to transform their organisations and deliver long-lasting, sustainable change.

James Dempsey
Portrait of Stacey Axten
James Dempsey

What we offer

As the leading advisors on organizational ethics, we deploy proven methodologies backed by deep experience to deliver real change.  We help companies that have experienced an ethics or conduct crisis to recover and transform.  We provide quantitative tools to assess and measure ethical culture.  We design and deploy ethics capabilities from codes and policies through to a complete internal ethics function.  We create frameworks for responsible innovation and product development.  We help companies to define and live their genuine purpose.