Kinanya Pijl is an Assistant Professor in Law at the Amsterdam Law School, affiliated with the Amsterdam Centre for Transformative Private Law. She specializes in the role of law in the transition towards a socially just and environmentally sustainable economy. In particular, she focuses on the role of the financial sector in the pursuit of a sustainable economy. Her work spans across the domains of financial regulation, company law and corporate governance, contract law, property law, and organisational ethics.

Based on qualitative empirical research – 185 interviews – in the banking sectors of the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom, Kinanya’s upcoming book sets out how bank employees seek to integrate concerns for the social and environmental impacts of corporate lending into their bank’s policies, systems and practices. The book provides a unique insight into the workings of sustainable banking in practice, laying the foundation for a shift in banking regulation, and the regulation of banks more broadly, needed to create a sustainable economy. Kinanya aims to use her academic insights to help companies transform the way they do business.