Joris brings his start-up and innovation consulting experience to Principia, with a specific expertise on AI ethics.  He is currently pursuing a PhD at Erasmus University Rotterdam on the organizational operationalization of AI ethics, where he is also applying his work at de Volksbank as an Ethics & AI Specialist developing ethical governance and assessment of AI and data science applications.  He is one of the founders of high-tech start-up Condi Food (Rabobank Wijffels Innovation Award 2014) and the founder of various biomedical initiatives on bacteriophages.

Joris studied in Glasgow, Buenos Aires and Leiden and graduated in 2016 in Economic Psychology, Philosophy and Film and Literary Studies. In April 2017, he received the SIDN Fund Thesis Award from the Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities for his Philosophy thesis. He teaches Philosophy at Post-HBO level at the Dutch Quality Register System Specialists and advises organizations, including Erasmus MC Rotterdam, in the field of innovation as a consultant.