Principia Advisory

Ethics at the Frontier: anticipate and respond to emerging ethical questions, values and principles

Ethical demands on business are rising, with growing calls from customers, regulators, employees and society at large for companies to consider more deeply their impact on the world. We help our clients to anticipate and respond to emerging ethical questions, aligning purpose, values and principles with action.

Growing expectations and rapidly changing landscapes mean that many organizations are facing new ethical demands. Corporations and corporate leaders are increasingly expected to take a position on complex and rapidly evolving societal, political and ethical issues; it is no longer sufficient to simply follow the letter of the law.

Our approach is founded on the belief that an organization’s values and principles are critically important. Increasingly, successful companies are those able to align their brand, purpose, values and principles with day-to-day decisions. When confronting challenging issues, organizations routinely engage expert advisors to support them in crafting rapid and compelling responses. While some advise on what the organization can do, and others on what it should say, we bring our experience and approaches to bear on the question of what the organization ought to do.

We work with our clients to translate values and principles into consistent, ethical decision making and action. By providing the basis of structured, rigorous discussion on the right thing to do, we enable leaders to make effective decisions on highly-charged issues, building trust and impact over time. Aligning action with a consistent set of values builds trust over time, and helps organizations persevere through adversity, or to adopt a clear leadership position on challenging issues.