Dr. Theodore Lechterman is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at IE University. His research addresses questions in applied ethics through the lens of political philosophy. Recent projects include the concept of accountability in AI ethics, the ethics of combatting disinformation with AI, the ethics of selling weaponizable technology, and the ethics of democracy-enhancing robots. Lechterman is one of the organizers of the AAAI/ACM Conference on AI, Ethics, and Society and a co-author (with Linda Eggert, Marco Meyer, and Wessel Reijers) of Digital Ethics for Tech Professionals. Lechterman is also known for work in business ethics and the ethics of philanthropy. His first monograph, The Tyranny of Generosity: Why Philanthropy Corrupts Our Politics and How We Can Fix It, was published in 2021 by Oxford University Press. Lechterman frequently contributes to public debates and advises organizational leaders on frontier ethical challenges in business, governance, and technology. He holds degrees from Harvard and Princeton and completed postdoctoral fellowships at Stanford, Goethe, Hertie, and Oxford.