Christine Jakobson is a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge, with an MSt from the University of Oxford and a BA from the Amsterdam University College. Her academic work focuses on the intersection of aesthetics, moral and political philosophy. She is interested in how the purpose of technology can be subverted to address national and international humanitarian crises. Christine has been invited to present her research at international conferences from London to Sydney.

As a Senior Associate at Principia, Christine has advised Silicon Valley companies, financial institutions, and top-tier global professional services across North America, Europe, Australia, and Africa on organisational ethics, ethical use, as well as ethics at the frontiers of emerging technology.

In addition to her work at Principia, Christine is a research analyst and consultant working on platform accountability and transparency, particularly in relation to democracy, with research which has been covered by international media outlets. Christine is frequently invited as a keynote speaker and panellist discussing her work on the intersection of ethics and technology. Christine chairs Amnesty International’s Kent Refugee Network.