Andrea works with Principia in the areas of leadership practice, team and individual behaviourchange, and the design of transformative organizational change processes. She has a deep interest in forms of collaboration around systemic challenges that perpetuate poverty, injustice and crises. She works on these issues independently in partnership with NGOs, social enterprises, and other civil society and private sector organizations and movements. Much of this work in these changing times involves organizational, team and personal transitions. Andrea accompanies teams through transitions, supporting their journeys to learn from their experiences, adapt their programming and relationships, consider new business models and changes in governance and leadership practice for greater agility and impact. Transformative action research and collaborative design are at the core of Andrea’s practice, and usually applied with multi-disciplinary teams.

Most of Andrea’s experience has been in south Asia, southern Africa and the United States, where she has worked with a number of organizations and alliances in the areas such asagriculture and livelihoods, gender equality, inclusive governance, and early childhood care and development. Previously, Andrea served in a number of senior management positions in severalcountries for the global NGO, CARE International. Her consulting practice is largely with international organizations and networks and she volunteers with a few local land and environment focused groups and movements.

Andrea received her B.A. Honours in economics from Delhi University, and her Master’s degreein Public Policy from Princeton University. She has served as Visiting Faculty at Emory University’s Masters in Development Practice Program.