Individuals do not act in a vacuum: assessing the ability of your people to consistently make ethical, responsible decisions depends on understanding how the cultural environment shapes individual decisions and behaviour. Most organizations capture disparate metrics on how individuals feel, how they act, and what decisions they make. Our proprietary analytics solution, the Ethical Culture Index, provides insight into why.

We know that the ethical organization depends not just on structures and systems, but on creating the right cultural environment. We help our clients to assess the current state of ethical culture across their organization, and to design and implement interventions that enhance the ability of their people to do the right thing.

Our methodology is based on our proprietary Ethical Drivers Model, which provides a holistic framework to understand the complex drivers of organizational culture. Our model integrates more than 300 peer-reviewed research papers on decision making; draws on 150 case assessments of ethical failure in global organizations; and captures expertise from Principia’s world-leading experts in organizational culture and ethics.

By capturing the factors that shape ethical conduct and decision making in a quantitative, survey-based assessment, we enable leaders to measure what matters: the ability of their organization and their people to consistently and reliably do the right thing.

Generating robust, real-time data enables leaders to monitor and track the ethical health of their organization over time, and to demonstrate a clear commitment to putting ethics and culture at the heart of efforts to define success. Tracking progress also allows leaders to evaluate the impact of investment, intervention and action, as well as identifying areas of concern through an ‘early warning system’.


Our quantitative solutions for the measurement and tracking of ethical culture:

  • Establish new culture metrics, with in-depth tracking of the cultural environment rather than individual engagement or satisfaction;
  • Generate predictive and prescriptive analytics, with quantitative assessment of how likely your people are to make ethical, responsible decisions;
  • Enable HR, OD and L&D teams to better target and evaluate culture initiatives;
  • Unlock the ability of boards to provide effective oversight of ethical culture.


For the CEO and Chief Counsel of a leading global NGO with more than $2bn in global programming, we deployed Principia’s Ethical Culture Index survey to support its efforts to drive greater consistency across its operations in more than 100 countries worldwide. Principia’s Ethical Culture Index, supported by a comprehensive review of structures, processes and systems, enabled greater understanding of current-state culture across the global organization, and new insight into critical challenges. The assessment laid the foundations for a targeted program focused on enabling the organization and its people to consistently act in line with its values, principles and purpose.